Best practices for preparing your publication

  This guide summarizes necessary practices, which should be considered for efficient paper submission process.

  1. Yet before submitting your paper, check if it is well readable, logically structured and properly organized.
  2. Register and send your paper.
  3. Your paper will be reviewed by scientific committee. Their evaluation will be on your website space on July 15, 2014.

After your submission is finished, your paper is reviewed by scientific committee. Reviewers check content quality of your paper. They consider following:

  1. If your contribution is novel and brings something new.
  2. If your contribution proposes results from research, summarizes projects, etc.
  3. If your paper is written in clear language and if it is understandable.
  4. If your results are original, properly cited, etc.
  5. Other remarks, which are important from reviewers point of view.

After the reviewing process, your contribution is checked by the editorial board. We highlight next issues:

  1. Your paper must be formatted using workshop’s template (format, styles, and page settings). The template can be downloaded from the web site. Your paper must contain: title, author and author’s affiliation (institution, email address).
  2. Your paper must contain abstract and key-words (use from 3-5 terms).
  3. It is good practice to split your text into logical parts, marked with headings:
    • Introduction which present your area, the goal of your research, current state of art, etc.
    • The main text, which describes your topic deeply, presents your model or methods, experiments, etc.
    • Conclusion which summarizes all achievements, use graphs, figures, we suggest you to compare more methods, etc.).
  4. Check citation in your paper. All citation must be properly referenced in the text. At the end of the paper you should place the list of all used citations. Please follow these instructions, when formatting citations:
  5. Be sure that your paper does not exceed the allowed size for publication.

Payment information

  The payment will be made immediately after your paper was accepted.

  Registration fee: 50 €

  Registration fee includes:

  • Participation in the Virtual Workshop (full support and access to the workshop system).
  • Certificate of Participation at the workshop.
  • Certificate of Paper Presentation.

  Each registration fee allow to the author send up to 3 papers. All authors of the same paper must be registered.

  Local participants of A Coruña have available pay stubs to complete and make payments into the bank branch. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to indicate the collection site.

  The rest of payments must be made through transference directly to the Workshop Account as given below:

A/c Name:
Universidade da Coruña. CIF: Q6550005J
Account Number:
ES76 0049 5030 1525 1601 1262
Bank’s Name and Address:
R/ San Andrés 145. 15003 A Coruña (Spain)
Income code:

It is mandatory indicate the full name of the participant and the following income code: 160214.
It is also required to send a scanned copy of the bank transfer receipt to the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Development of workshop participation

  To qualify for certificates of paper presentation and participation is necessary to meet the following minimum requirements in the dates of the workshop:

  • A share in the forum with the presentation of the paper.
  • A share in the forum discussing the paper of another participant.

We invite all authors to an active participation in the discussion forums. It is a good way for broaden your horizons and discover new points of view in researching.